Top manufacturer of critical process equipment

Headquartered in Bucharest, Walter Tosto WTB is recognized as one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe and leading worldwide supplier of critical and long lead process equipment such as Reactors, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Large columns & Heavy drums, Coke drums, Waste Heat Boilers, Condensers, Urea/Ammonia/Methanol Process Equipment for Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Nuclear and Power Plants.

The Group

Since 2012 Walter Tosto WTB, former Fecne Nuclear Components SA, belongs to the Italian Tosto Group together with Walter Tosto SpA and Belleli Energy CPE Srl (Italy).
The Group employs over 1300 people and generates an overall annual turnover of 180 million euros.
In 2019 Walter Tosto WTB acquired the branch of the historical brand GRIRO S.A., a company with a tradition of over 120 years of experience in the process equipment manufacturing. This acquisition was an added value for the Tosto Group, favouring know-how transfer and the further expansion of its industrial perimeter.

From the origins to nowadays

Walter Tosto WTB, formerly Fecne Nuclear Components, was one of the main suppliers of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and heavy welded structures in Romania. The company started its activity as a part of Heavy Machine Works Bucharest (IMGB) established in 1968. Fecne was an important point in the collaboration program between the French and Romanian governments (1979), as President Mitterrand provided to President Ceausescu the drawings and the specifications of the Framatome Usine (today AREVA Saint Marcel).

In 1980, under Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL), Fecne began to manufacture heavy welded components for nuclear power plants. It was involved in the manufacturing of critical items for Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plants in Romania, as well as Candu 6 in Canada.

After its privatization in 1992, several changes of owners took turns. The company was indeed acquired by Kvaerner (1998), Tender Energy Group (2002), Romenergo (2006) and finally by Walter Tosto Spa (2012), as Walter Tosto WTB.

As part of the Tosto Group, Walter Tosto WTB is continuously growing over the years, not only in terms of employees and turnover but also in terms of production capacity. For these reasons, an additional workshop was built in Oltenita to expand the manufacturing capabilities and to facilitate the transportation by river of the oversized items.


Fecne’s Establishment

Fecne’s Establishment

State owned manufacturer of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and heavy welded structures in Romania, Fecne Nuclear Components started its activities in 1968 as a part of Heavy Machine Works Bucharest (IMGB).


The French-Romanian agreement

The French-Romanian agreement

Fecne was an important point in the collaboration program between the French and Romanian governments, as President Francois Mitterrand provided to President Nicolae Ceausescu the drawings and the specifications of the Framatome Usine (today Areva Saint Marcel).


First components for nuclear power plants

First components for nuclear power plants

Under Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL), Fecne began to manufacture heavy welded components for nuclear power plants.


Cernavoda and Candu 6 Nuclear Plants

Cernavoda and Candu 6 Nuclear Plants

Fecne was mainly involved in the manufacturing of critical items such as Calandria (reactor vessel), Steam Generators, Pressurizer, D2O Vapour recovery system, Fuel Channel bars, Heat Hexchangers and service vessel, Air lock channel, Steam surface condenser, HP and LP Feed water heater for Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plants in Romania, as well as Candu 6 in Canada.


Fecne’s Privatisation

Fecne’s Privatisation

In 1991 Fecne became an independent Company


Kvaerner acquisition

Kvaerner acquisition

From 1998 the company became a part of the Norwegian industrial group Kvaerner as Kvaerner Fecne SA


Tender Energy Group acquisition

Tender Energy Group acquisition

At the beginning of 2002, FECNE was taken over by Nuclearmontaj, a company of the Tender Energy Group.


Romenergo acquisition

Romenergo acquisition

After judicial reorganization in 2006, Fecne was bought by Romenergo, a private joint stock company acting in energy sector.


Fecne becomes Walter Tosto WTB

Fecne becomes Walter Tosto WTB

In July 2012 Fecne was acquired by the Italian company Walter Tosto Spa, which identified a significant growth potential for the business in Romania.


Walter Tosto WTB’s new facilities and capabilities

Walter Tosto WTB’s new facilities and capabilities

Walter Tosto WTB’s infrastructure was completely renewed with energy efficient improvements, new machinery equipment and modern facilities for employees.


WTO: the new workshop in Oltenița

WTO: the new workshop in Oltenița

A new workshop in the port of Oltenița was built, directly connected with the Danube river to facilitate the sea-river transport.

Walter Tosto WTB acquires the historical brand Griro

Walter Tosto WTB acquires the historical brand Griro

With a tradition of over 120 years of experience in the process equipment manufacturing, the annexation of Griro represents an added value for the company, favouring know-how transfer and the further expansion of Walter Tosto’s industrial perimeter.


Our aim is to consolidate, continue and further develop our achievements, by generating a positive impact for people and environment. Our daily motivation is supported and driven by the history of the Group, the established processes, consolidated know how, the continuous growth through investments and past and ongoing supply experiences.


To be the “first call” and preferred choice for the world’s leading End Users, Technology Licensors and Main Contractors within our business. To consistently exceed our Clients’ expectations through innovative ideas, new technologies and value-adding solutions, inspired by our vocation for research and sustainability.

Our shared values are the guidelines of the company activities


We strive to set up a lean internal structure in order to guarantee an open book approach through direct contact at all operational levels for a quick decision making process.

Continuous improvement

We set high objectives and, through improvements at all levels, we push to achieve the best results.


We do not compromise; we have a passion for the best quality.


We are committed to perform all our processes in a safe and accident free environment in order to guarantee health and safety to all our people.


Our constant research for new technology solutions make us an innovative company, wishing to share the results with our customers.


We are open and quickly adapt to new market requirements. We strongly motivate and train our employees in order to rapidly and efficiently adjust to the different requests.

Socially consciousness 

We have a duty to act in the best interest of our environment and society as a whole.

Quality System Certification

We are acclaimed as the best quality provider by our customers

Walter Tosto WTB’s Quality Policy involves the management of all the activities and pursues the aim to guarantee quality standards at all the organization levels.
The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME standards, of which U, U2 and S stamps. Moreover, from October 2019 the new “SELO” certifications allowed us to export Pressure Vessels and other special equipment to China.


Our commitment to safety and sustainability

By following the shared Tosto Group policies, Walter Tosto WTB is committed to guarantee health and safety of all the people working within the company, as well as the protection of the environment. In this regard, precise preventive safety measures have been implemented and environmental policies have been defined in order to minimize injuries and impacts on the environment.

Health and Safety

Our safety policy embraces all the organization levels in order to eliminate dangerous situations and behaviors that can cause accidents or injuries.

Safety is indeed placed at the same level of productivity, efficiency, quality, environment and other factors of significant importance for the company.

We believe that all the accidents can be prevented through the application of the best technologies in the workplace and through an appropriate training at each organizational level, in order to define and assure that skills and responsibilities are in line with the perspective of continuous improvement. All the employees are responsible for applying security policies and they are required to work in a safe manner in order to eliminate any risk of accident.
Walter Tosto WTB favors the use of personal prevention devices to improve security and ensure workers’ health.

The safety warranties at work are a key aspect in the implementation of manufacturing activities and indirectly contribute to ensure the maintenance of quality standards of the products along the time.


The strong connection with the territory makes the environmental protection part of Walter Tosto WTB’s philosophy. For this reason, the company is committed to define, observe and enforce the best practices for the reduction of all possible environmental impacts. This intention was achieved by the ISO 14001 certification, which formalizes the respect and protection of the environment by the company, that is committed to reduce the emissions.

We strongly believe in the importance of personal and professional development

Walter Tosto WTB provides several internal training programs to undertake a career path in our company.

We periodically organizes a Welding School for young people aimed at acquiring theoretical and practical skills on different types of welding (SAW, Strip cladding, TIG, Electron beam welding, Weld overlay, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, ESW).  Since 2015, more than 200 participants have joined our staff.

Moreover, the company signed collaboration agreements with ten Professional Schools in Romania and Moldova and with “Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti” in order to activate training programs with high specialization.

Work with us

For our workshops in Bucharest and Oltenita we are selecting welders, carpenters, production machinist and other operators for the metalworking industry.
If you are interested please send your CV at the e-mail address

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