A new Hydrofining Reactor, completed in just five months, is now ready for delivery.

This item of 11 meters long, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high will replace an existing component of the Petrobrazi Refinery in Ploiesti, at about 65 km from our facility in Bucharest.

The Hydrofining Reactor is the heart of the plant, since a possible damage or lock can cause an interruption of the whole refinery, with subsequent significant financial loss for the company.

This job was very challenging for us because it was commissioned to the company Griro S.A. before it was acquired by Walter Tosto WTB.

Our team demonstrated high commitment to assure the continuity of the manufacturing activities and to respect the delivery time.

Our customer Petrobrazi Refinery was very satisfied for this accomplishment and congratulated with us for “the excellent job also considering the situation of the reactor in 2019 at former Griro”.

We are pleased for receiving their appreciation letter and for having collaborated with a great company as Petrobrazi Refinery. Their satisfaction is our pride!