The company carries out its manufacturing activities in Romania through a workshop located in Bucharest (WTB) and a river front facility in Oltenița (WTO), directly connected to the Danube river.

 The strategic location of our facilities allow us to optimally handle long lead and critical products without limits of weight and size.


Our ultra-modern workshop in Bucharest, part of the IMGB industrial complex, is equipped with very efficient technologies and machines to optimize our production capacity.

Covered Area 30.500 sqm
Uncovered Area 19.000 sqm
Maximum Height 40 mt
Under Hook Maximum Height 27.8 mt

Berceni nr. 104, Bucharest


Our workshop WTO is located in the port of Oltenița (app. 60 km from Bucharest), where we also own a private River Port with access ramps to the river for roll-on and roll-off operations.

Covered Area 7.730 sqm
Uncovered Area 71.300 sqm
Maximum Height 28 mt

Berceni nr. 104, Bucharest

National Company “Administratia Porturilor Dunării Fluviale” S.A. granted Walter Tosto WTB the right over ramps usage in the port of Oltenița for roll-on and roll-off operations (agreement n. 2251).

The Roll-on/Roll-off service of the ramps is subject to their availability at the time of request (*)

The ramps are available for rental with the application of the following fees:

• For a single transit 0 ÷ 10 tons – free
• For a single transit over 10 tons – € 900/tons (i.e. 124.000 kg = 111.600 €)

• Parking for more than 3 days will incur an additional charge of 500,00 € / day

• For boats – 10 lei / day

To use the ramps, please contact Walter Tosto WTB (with at least 15 days’ notice) at the following contacts:

Phone: +40 314.201.060 (Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Fax: + 40 314.201.060

The pictures below show the quay before and after the renovation

We are equipped with a wide machine park and innovative technologies, which allow us to internally carry out all the critical production and logistic activities. As a result, the company is able to manufacture and transport products without weight and size limits.

Quantity Weight Location
1 800 (400+400) tons WTB – Bucharest
1 400 tons WTB – Bucharest
3 160 tons WTB – Bucharest
2 60 tons WTB – Bucharest
5 50 tons WTB – Bucharest
1 32 tons WTB – Bucharest
2 300 tons WTO – Oltenita
1 60 tons WTO – Oltenita
Q.ty Length Weight
6  5,5 meters 2 tons
20 12 meters 10 tons
1 21 meters 50 tons (under construction)

Beveling Machine


Lenght: 20.000 mm

Thickness: 300 mm

Hydraulic Rolling Machine
Bending Roller Verrina
max length 4.000 mm
thk. 210 mm
yield strength material 280 MPa

Lathe Milling Machine

X: 720 mm
Y: 600 mm
Z: 3.150 mm

Cutting Machine

16.000 X 4.000 mm
Thk max 300 mm

Hydraulic Press

600 T

Max Diameter 5000 mm

Max Thickness 70 mm

Drilling Machine EMSIL

3 STS system drilling heads max. 80 mm
X: 6900 mm
Y: 4300 mm
Z: 1800 mm
W: 600 mm

Handling Table

Milling Machine

Including controller

Vertical Lathes:


Diam: 8.500 mm
Height: 5.000 mm
Weight: 100.000 kg

The welding process is the core of our manufacturing activities.

Our Welding Department is able to employ the following welding processes:

Welding Process employed



Shielded Metal-Arc welding – SMAW


Submerged-Arc Welding – SAW


Subm.-Arc Weld. with strips – SAW STRIP


SAW Double Wire – SAW Tandem


Gas Metal-Arc Welding – GMAW



Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding – GTAW



Flux-Cord Arc Welding – FCAW



Electro Slag Welding – ESW


Plasma-Arc Welding – PAW


The full knowledge and the familiarity with all the existing design codes such as ASME, BS 5500, CODAP, Stoomwelzen, AD Merkblatt and GOST allow us to develop the best design from the mechanical point of view. Furthermore, the in-house presence of FEM experts, together with the several ANSYS licenses, make the Finite Element Analysis a powerful instrument in our hands, for the design of critical parts of the equipment.

In addition to the mechanical design, Walter Tosto WTB has strong skills in the development of the thermal and fluid-dynamic design starting from Process Data Sheets, ensuring all the required guarantees to our customers.

Our design activities include:

• 3D simulations
• Stress analysis by finite elements methods
• Fracture mechanics analysis
• Static analysis in steady and unsteady conditions
• Fatigue analysis
• Creep fatigue damage evaluation
• Thermo-hydraulic design of heat transfer systems

Design codes and standards

ASME I ASME III Ed.2007 Add. 2009 ASME VIII Div.1 latest edition
ASME VIII Div.2 latest edition ASME VIII Div.3 latest edition PD 5500
AD Merkblatt 2000 VSR STOOMWEZEN
SELO API 579 – 1 ASME FFS-1 API 620/650/660
IBC 2006 UBC 97 ABSA
ASCE / SEI 7-05 BS 7910-2005 EJMA 9TH Ed.
EN 1405 ASME B 16.5 ASME B 16.47
API STD 6A API 934 – 941 NACE MR 0175/ ISO 15156-3
RCC-M e RCC-MR – nuclear sector EUR (European Utility Requirements) – nuclear sector ABSA

Main Design Softwares

Finglow: PD5500 pressure vessels calculation software
Solid Edge: 3D drawing calculation software
Pro ENGINEER: parametric 3D drawing program
CATIA V5 R20: 3D drawing program
ANSYS: finite element analysis and CFD analysis
ASPEN Shell & Tube Exchanger Design Rating Software
Aspen Exchanger Mechanical Design Software
Sant’Ambrogio: mechanical calculation software for VSR, ASME VIII
Div. 1 + EJMA expansion joints module
ASME VIII Div. 2, AD 2000 Merkblatt + expansion joints module, WRC 107/297
AUTO CAD AUTODESK: 2D drawing program

Metrology softwares

New River Kinematics: Spatial Analyzer
Innovmetric: Polyworks
Hexagon: Emscon, Tracker Pilot, RDS
Aberlink: 3D MKIII

Thanks to our qualified personnel (ASME and ISO9712) and to our cutting-edge equipment, we are enabled to perform all Non Destructive Testing (NDT) checks in-house.


For X-Ray NDT we own:

  • 3 Iridium 192 sources with maximum capacity of 150Ci – up to 90mm thickness
  • 2 Co60 sources with maximum capacity of 300Ci – up to 200mm thickness
  • 1 Linear Accelerator LINATRON 2000 VARIAN SUA 8MeVi 2000 Rads / min – up to 300mm thickness
  • 1 X-Ray instrument of 300V-3mA-600W maximum power – up to 40mm thickness

These activities are performed in two bunkers.
The large bunker has a wall thickness of 9 meters and is 31 meters long. The small bunker has a wall thickness of 6.5 meters and is 9 meters long.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

For Ultrasonic Testing we own 2 machines for UT time-of-flight diffraction technique (UT Tofd):

  • Olympus Omniscan MXSN
  • Alympus Omniscan MX2

For Manual UT the following tools are available:

  • 2 Olympus Epoche 600
  • 1 Olympus Epoche 650
  • 2 Tools for UT Phased Array Olympus Omniscan MX2

We carry out the following superficial checks internally:

  • Penetrant liquids
  • Control with visible Magnetic Particles
  • Control with fluorescent magnetic particles

Other checks:

  • Hardness control with Salutron UCI3000 instrument
  • Thickness check with Olympus 27MG instrument
  • Ferrite check with Fisher ferritoscope
  • Controls with Positive Material Identification (PMI) method
  • Air tests and helium tests