Congratulations to Walter Tosto WTB football team for their victory at the first match of the National Romanian Companies Championship.

Walter Tosto WTB team played against the Michelin team, scoring 3 on 2. We are very proud of all our players for their commitment: Gabriel Aleonte, Nicolae Caraman, Eugen Clipca, Danilo di Fabio, Ion Draguta, Cornel Moldoveanu, Armando Napoleone, Nicolae Nistoras, Marius Popa (1 goal), Cristian Rinceanu, Fabio Scipione, Pavel Strungaru (2 goals), Gianluca Sprecacenere, Bogdan Stefan, Costel Vieru.

A football match represents a very good example of team player for our company, where people collaborate in synergy and do their best to reach the common goal.

Our group was not only in the football pitch but also on the bleachers to give great support to the players and to celebrate the victory together after the match.