Progress of the LPG bullets supply for storage plant in Italy

Walter Tosto WTB has been awarded with an important supply for the second expansion of the storage site in Ardea: the largest storage plant in Italy in terms of size and capacity.

The package consists of six high strength steel LPG bullets with a capacity of 5000 cubic meters,  measuring 60 meters in length, 10 meters in diameter and weighting 680 tons.

After the delivery of the first two bullets in February 2020, few days ago we have successfully carried out the setting of the third and fourth equipment on sand.

We are now ready to achieve the final step!

Curs de sudură 2021

Selecția pentru ediția 2021 a cursului de sudură este deschisa!
Cursul de sudură este un curs de formare, organizat în totalitate de Walter Tosto WTB, și are ca scop angajarea a 20 de tineri. Din 2015, 223 de participanți s-au alăturat personalului nostru.

Participanții vor dobândi abilități teoretice și practice pe diferite tipuri de sudură (SAW, placare cu bandă, TIG, sudare cu fascicul de electroni, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, ESW).

Walter Tosto WTB,  București

6 luni + 6 luni. Ulterior,  va fi semnat un contract de muncă de 2 ani.

Tineri cu vârsta cuprinsă între 16 și 24 de ani
Absolventi de școală profesională

Bani de buzunar, masa și cazare, abonament lunar la metrou, sală de sport și program de agrement.

Trimiteți CV-ul dvs. prin e-mail la
Numere de contact: +40 | +40 737.211.532

The selections for the 2021 edition of the welding course are open!
The training course, entirely organized by Walter Tosto WTB, is aimed at hiring 20 young people. Since 2015, 223 participants have joined our staff.

Attendees will acquire theoretical and practical skills on different types of welding (SAW, Strip cladding, TIG, Electron beam welding, Weld overlay, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, ESW)

Walter Tosto WTB, Bucharest

6 months + 6 months. Subsequently, a 2-year employment contract will be stipulated.

Age between 16 and 24
Graduation in a professional school.

Pocket money, free board and lodging, free subway passes, gym and leisure programs.

Send your CV by e-mail to

Contact numbers: +40 | +40 737.211.532

First equipment of the year dispatched from Oltenița

The Secondary Reformer shipped from our river port in Oltenița on 24 January 2021 is Walter Tosto WTB’s first shipment of the year.

The cargo is now directed to Constanta seaport and, from there, it will reach by ship the End User’s petrochemical plant in Giza, Egypt.

The item weights about 139 tons and measures approximately 16 meters long by 6 meters high. It is a jacketed equipment, meaning that it uses a “jacket” through which a fluid is circulated to permit the uniform exchange of heat between the fluid circulating in it and the walls of the vessel.

For the manufacturing of this equipment we performed Internal refractory casting for the 16 air inlet nozzles caps and for the bottom gas inlet nozzle.

Credit Agricole visits Walter Tosto WTB

Credit Agricole management, Elena Bocan – Deputy General Manager – and Roxana Savin – Head of Large Corporate Department – visited the plant of Walter Tosto WTB in Bucharest yesterday. “<em>It was a very positive interchange and I am glad to have met two excellent professionals</em>” commented Simona Manicea, having been involved in a meeting where topics have been discussed from the local market to the international economy at the time of Covid-19.

Luca Pierfelice commented: “<em>We would be honoured to have the opportunity to work with a renowned international bank as Credit Agricole which has recently issued big credit lines also in favour of other companies that belong to our Group </em>”.

Credit Agricole’s management concluded the visit declaring that the entire commercial team of the Bank will be involved in order to include Walter Tosto WTB srl as one of its most valuable partners. As part of a Group that continues to invest in Romania, the company is indeed contributing to the industrial development of the country with its high technology products and its important customer portfolio.

New Hydrofining Reactor successfully completed

A new Hydrofining Reactor, completed in just five months, is now ready for delivery.

This item of 11 meters long, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high will replace an existing component of the Petrobrazi Refinery in Ploiesti, at about 65 km from our facility in Bucharest.

The Hydrofining Reactor is the heart of the plant, since a possible damage or lock can cause an interruption of the whole refinery, with subsequent significant financial loss for the company.

This job was very challenging for us because it was commissioned to the company Griro S.A. before it was acquired by Walter Tosto WTB.

Our team demonstrated high commitment to assure the continuity of the manufacturing activities and to respect the delivery time.

Our customer Petrobrazi Refinery was very satisfied for this accomplishment and congratulated with us for “the excellent job also considering the situation of the reactor in 2019 at former Griro”.

We are pleased for receiving their appreciation letter and for having collaborated with a great company as Petrobrazi Refinery. Their satisfaction is our pride!

Walter Tosto WTB received a bronze medal for sustainability

We are glad to announce that Walter Tosto WTB has been awarded a bronze medal from EcoVadis in recognition of the Corporate Social Responsibility achievement.

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment is an evaluation of how well a company has integrated the principles practices (i.e. environment, social, ethics, supply chain) of CSR into their business. The assessment result enables the company to understand how it is positioned among all the other companies.

We are proud for having scored a very good result and our company was placed among the top 50 percent of enterprises assessed by EcoVadis for sustainability.

This recognition is a consequence of the precise preventive safety measures and environmental policies implemented by all the companies of the Tosto Group in order to minimize injuries and impacts on the environment” declared Luca Tosto, owner of the Tosto Group. He also added: “This important achievement was made possible thanks to the full commitment of all our people respecting the policies at all organizational levels”.


The biggest Steam Drum in the world is ready to cross the Sea

A new cargo containing the biggest Steam Drum in the world is ready to cross the Sea.
The impressive equipment – weighting 210 tons, measuring 25 meters long with a diameter of 2.7 meters – has been successfully manufactured by Walter Tosto WTB in Bucharest.
The transportation procedures to reach up the port of Constanța were managed entirely by our internal staff and the item is now ready to sail toward its destination plant.
It will be installed in a new pulp production line at the Arauco Mill located in the Bio Bío Region in Chile.

The Biggest Bullets for LPG storage plant in Italy were successfully completed

Ardea (RM), Italy. The construction of the first two LPG Bullets for the LPG storage plant of the company Fiamma 2000 has come to an end.

These giant tanks have a capacity of 5000 cubic meters, measure 60 meters in length, 10 meters in diameter and weigh 680 tons each.

Walter Tosto WTB has been awarded with the supply of 6 bullets commissioned by the customer for the second expansion of the Ardea storage site. The on-site manufacturing of other two bullets will start in the next days.

The CEO, Luca Tosto, commented: “These are the largest LPG Bullets ever installed in Italy in terms of size and capacity. I would like to thank all the technicians for their commitment to complete this important project“.