Meet our people: Aurel Lazar

People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Aurel Lazar, who has been working as Warehouseman in Waler Tosto WTB for 6 years.

Aurel, what do you like most about working for this company?

First of all, I like the activity of the company and the products that we are making: the pressure vessels that are niche. I like to see them going out of the company.

I feel very proud that I work for a company that makes products that no one else makes.


What do you like about your job?

The dynamic of the activities, no day is similar to the other, you don’t have time to get bored or to get into a routine. There is always something to do and the tasks are different and pleasant.

Meet our people: Dan Gheorghiu

People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Dan Gheorghiu, who has been working as Welding & Metalurgy Manager in Waler Tosto WTB for 2 years and 6 months. Dan’s objective is to become the best welding engineer from Romania.

Dan, what does it mean to be a really good welding engineer?

First of all, you must like to read the documentation and to be open to all the challenges because each vessel is unique and you are put in all the specific requirements of your customers.
You must also have good communication skills, to love your job, the industry and to be convinced that what you are doing is reliable. Of course, you need also resistance to “pressure”.

What is the particularity that differentiates Walter Tosto from other companies from Romania from your point of view, in relation with the department where you work?

The complexity of the executed vessels: both from the point of view of the technical requirements and the execution, as well as, due to the diversity of the materials. Walter Tosto company manufactures unique products, such as very critical items.

You are currently 33 years old. If you think about  your future within the company, where do you see yourself?

Only in the welding department because from the technical point of view, we have reached the peak here, but not at all the level of products made. There are still many challenges to come.

At the level of potential company projects, what would be a real challenge for you? What would you like to achieve together with Walter Tosto?

To deliver unit 3 from Cernavoda. The nuclear power plant presents the greatest complexity, and my objective, together with Walter Tosto, is to deliver a nuclear unit in Romania.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

I managed to have a very united team, professionals, colleagues who are in continuous development.

Meet our people: Valentina Stefanescu

People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Valentina Stefanescu, who has been working as Designer in Waler Tosto WTB for 21 years.

What does it mean to work as a design engineer at Walter Tosto WTB?

First of all, I like what I do and for me it is a pleasure to come to work here.
This year I retired but I have decided to continue to practice my job, even if sometimes it is a stressful job. I have always believed that challenges always grow, both you and the entire team.

How would you describe the evolution of the design department and the Walter Tosto company since you have been employed here?

Here, we have created over the years a design school, all the young people who came into the company had someone and something to learn from. It is a nursery for the training of very good people.
Since I joined Walter Tosto, the company has grown a lot both in terms of volume and complexity.

What was the most soulful project you achieved?

All the projects were like children that I raised with my colleagues, it is very difficult for me to choose one. Each new project is a challenge and has something special.

What is the most beautiful part of the job?

It’s always a great satisfaction when a product is finished and I see that it is in a refinery and it is working.

Meet our people: Alexandru Chesaru

People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Alexandru Chesaru, who has been working as Quality Manager in Waler Tosto WTB for 6 years.

Alex, what does quality mean for you and to have the role of head of the quality department in Walter Tosto company at only 30 years old?

The role of Quality Manager means, first of all, responsibility towards the company, colleagues, products and services. I can’t say that it was easy for me, but I am in a company where you can develop, grow and learn.

Quality represents and embraces all the activities and processes carried out in the company, with the objective of guaranteeing high quality standards at all the levels of the organization, providing products and services at the highest level with the aim of guaranteeing full customer satisfaction.

How many times did you sweat until you have completed a project?

Each project requires effort, involvement, dedication and a lot of attention, but in the end, you get the satisfaction when all the pieces of the “puzzle” are complete and you see the appreciation in the eyes of the customers, forgetting every drop of sweat.

How do you manage every project that you have?

With a good organization and planning of the activities, but first of all, with the help of a team of wonderful colleagues.

Walter Tosto WTB awarded Top Business Romania

Walter Tosto WTB was ranked on 1st place in the Top Business Romania award, domain 2529: production of metal equipment.

This award was assigned to the company for its “Professionalism and efficient management” by ListaFirme, the first web site managing the complete catalog of active companies in Romania.

“We are proud for this important award that confirms our everyday commitment to reach more and more high performance in the Romanian pressure equipment industry” said Lucian Rusu, General Director of Walter Tosto WTB.

Walter Tosto WTB at Cernavoda Unit 1-Refurbishment Suppliers’day

In 1980 Walter Tosto WTB (as Fecne) began to manufacture critical items for Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plants in Romania.

After more than 40 years, we are proud for having been involved in the “Cernavoda Unit 1-Refurbishment Suppliers’day”, an important event which brought together the national industry players of equipment production and service delivery companies, aimed at identifying real support in the Romanian nuclear industry for a successful Refurbishment project of the plant.

The event organized on 20-21 September 2022 in Bucharest by Nuclearelectrica, Romatom, SNC-Lavalin, Ansaldo Nucleare and GE Steam Power, highlighted the possibility of creating partnerships and developing future collaborations. Implemented by Nuclearelectrica, the program responds to Romania needs for producing more clean, stable and affordable energy.

“Walter Tosto WTB would be glad to make all its expertise and capabilities available to produce highly complex products, such as those required for the expansion of the Cernavoda power plant, which today more than ever constitutes a strategic asset for the energy transition.

We would be honoured to help the Romanian governement to accomplish its mission of generating clean energy at excellence standards, providing Romania with another 30 years of baseload clean energy” said Massimiliano Tacconelli, Nuclear and Big Science Program Manager of Walter Tosto.

Walter Tosto WTB awarded a silver medal for sustainability

Walter Tosto WTB has been awarded from EcoVadis with a silver medal and a sustainability certificate in recognition of our commitment for contributing to create a more sustainable world.

The company was placed among the top 25 percent of the enterprises assessed by EcoVadis.

We are proud for having improved our score for sustainability going from a bronze medal to a silver one.  This important achievement was made possible thanks to the full commitment of all our people in order to respect our Group Healt, Safety and Environmental policies.

Signing of the U.S. and Romania Workplan on Small Modular Reactor

Bucharest, May 24 – 25. We are grateful for having attended the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between Nuscale (US) and Nuclearelectrica (Romania), concerning the installation of a new small modular reactor in Doicești, Romania.

The MoU establishes that NuScale, Nuclearelectrica and E-INFRA will carry out engineering studies, technical analyses and licensing activities for the site of a former thermal power plant for Romania’s first small modular reactor.

Founded in 2007, NuScale is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, (United States). Its mission is to provide scalable advanced nuclear technology by creating an energy source that is smarter, cleaner, safer, and cost competitive.

NuScale has developed small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear technology to supply energy for electrical generation, district heating, desalination, commercial-scale hydrogen production and other process heat applications.

Nuclearelectrica is a state owned company based in Bucharest, Romania since 1998. Its main activities are centered on the generation of electrical, thermal power and nuclear fuel, managing the nuclear plants Cernavoda Units 1 and 2 and FCN – Pitesti, the Nuclear Fuel Plant producing nuclear fuel for Cernavoda.

Thanks to this new agreement Romania will be one of the first countries to implement the innovative and safe technology of Small Modular Reactors.

Congratulations to Romania for setting an important starting point in the Energy transition and thanks to Nuscale and Nucleareletrica for contributing to the world transition to clean energy with a small environmental footprint.

Our Group is available to provide expertise and solutions in the nuclear field. We would be extremely happy to take part in the very firsts small modular reactor projects” said Luca Tosto, Managing Director of Walter Tosto SpA.