Walter Tosto WTB football team to win the first match of the Romanian Companies Championship

Congratulations to Walter Tosto WTB football team for their victory at the first match of the National Romanian Companies Championship.

Walter Tosto WTB team played against the Michelin team, scoring 3 on 2. We are very proud of all our players for their commitment: Gabriel Aleonte, Nicolae Caraman, Eugen Clipca, Danilo di Fabio, Ion Draguta, Cornel Moldoveanu, Armando Napoleone, Nicolae Nistoras, Marius Popa (1 goal), Cristian Rinceanu, Fabio Scipione, Pavel Strungaru (2 goals), Gianluca Sprecacenere, Bogdan Stefan, Costel Vieru.

A football match represents a very good example of team player for our company, where people collaborate in synergy and do their best to reach the common goal.

Our group was not only in the football pitch but also on the bleachers to give great support to the players and to celebrate the victory together after the match.

Walter Tosto WTB representatives to visit technological high school of Oltenița

February 19th, 2019. Mr. Lucian Rusu, General Manager of Walter Tosto WTB, Professor Mihail Cercel, our collaborator for recruitment and training areas and Mr. Catalin Minea, ARPE’s General Secretary, visited the technological high school of Oltenita in order to illustrate the training and career opportunities offered by Walter Tosto WTB to the last year students.

The pupils proved to be very interested in deepen their knowledge of the company, especially concerning the technology and equipment aspects, and expressed their will to visit the facilities in Bucharest and Oltenita in the next months.

The School Director, Elena Becheru, was very glad for this collaboration since it represents a tangible opportunity to take up a career in a successful company and discussed with the WTB representatives in order to define all the possible actions to prepare the students for their chosen jobs after the diploma.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania visits Walter Tosto WTB

Mr. Umberto Sessa – Head of Corporate Department and Ms Teodora Chirita – Senior Corporate Relationship Manager of Sanpaolo Bank Romania visited Walter Tosto WTB’s facilities in Bucharest. They showed their appreciation for the workshop and for the several items in production, which projects has been entirely commissioned to Walter Tosto WTB by big international Customers of the Energy and Oil & Gas industries.
Daniel Campan, WTB Financial Manager together with a member of the Board of Directors accompanied the Bank delegates for a tour. The international Bank confirmed the will to increase the collaboration with the company and the visit concluded with a great handshake between the managers.

Technical High School of Târgoviște to visit Walter Tosto WTB

We had the pleasure to welcome the last year students of the Technical High School of Târgoviște, a city at 80 km distance from Bucharest.
After showing them the company presentation, our staff accompanied the students and their teacher in order to visit the facility, the residence and the dining hall, where they also had lunch.
They were very impressed with the modern workshop in Bucharest and expressed their will to look for a job opportunity in Walter Tosto WTB after their upcoming graduation.
We thank the students for their interest in our company and we hope to welcome them again soon at our headquarter.

A new agreement was signed between Walter Tosto WTB and ten Professional Schools

Friday, March 31, 2017, Paride di Fabio, President of the Board of Directors of Walter Tosto WTB received the visit of directors from ten Professional Schools from Republic of Moldova.
Consecrating a close cooperation started 2 years ago, the directors of ten Professional Schools from different Moldavian cities have signed the Collaboration Agreements with Walter Tosto WTB for offering an outstanding career for the best future welders and carpenters graduates.
It was also an opportunity for the directors to visit the premises, to have a better understanding of modern fabrication processes used in Walter Tosto WTB Bucharest but also to meet some of their former pupils, now employees in Walter Tosto WTB.

Visits to the schools in Moldova

Our collaborator for the recruitment and training area, Professor Mihail Cercel, visited the technical and professional institutes of the Republic of Moldova.
He presented Walter Tosto WTB and the welding school organized by the company, in order to meet students who would like to undertake a professional program in Walter Tosto WTB.

Intesa Bank Romania visited Walter Tosto WTB srl

The Senior Relationship Manager, Dr. Alina Bondor, and Dr. Umberto Sessa, Head of multinational Clients Department of Intesa Bank Romania, have signed today the concession of a new bank credit to the company.
Dr. Luca Pierfelice, CFO at Walter Tosto WTB, declared that he is very satisfied with the collaboration with the Bank and its managers, based on trust and mutual transparency.
The bank operates with the company since its establishment. The bank delegates expressed their strong interest in the development of the partnership and congratulated with the management of the company for the big efforts made which led it to a relevant level of excellence and technology.