People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Dan Gheorghiu, who has been working as Welding & Metalurgy Manager in Waler Tosto WTB for 2 years and 6 months. Dan’s objective is to become the best welding engineer from Romania.

Dan, what does it mean to be a really good welding engineer?

First of all, you must like to read the documentation and to be open to all the challenges because each vessel is unique and you are put in all the specific requirements of your customers.
You must also have good communication skills, to love your job, the industry and to be convinced that what you are doing is reliable. Of course, you need also resistance to “pressure”.

What is the particularity that differentiates Walter Tosto from other companies from Romania from your point of view, in relation with the department where you work?

The complexity of the executed vessels: both from the point of view of the technical requirements and the execution, as well as, due to the diversity of the materials. Walter Tosto company manufactures unique products, such as very critical items.

You are currently 33 years old. If you think about  your future within the company, where do you see yourself?

Only in the welding department because from the technical point of view, we have reached the peak here, but not at all the level of products made. There are still many challenges to come.

At the level of potential company projects, what would be a real challenge for you? What would you like to achieve together with Walter Tosto?

To deliver unit 3 from Cernavoda. The nuclear power plant presents the greatest complexity, and my objective, together with Walter Tosto, is to deliver a nuclear unit in Romania.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

I managed to have a very united team, professionals, colleagues who are in continuous development.