People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Marin Balan, Head of Production, who has been working since 2003 in our Group and since 2012 in Walter Tosto WTB.

Marin, what do you like most about your activity?

I feel spiritually fulfilled when the products are leaving the company’s gates. Then, I forget about all the difficulties encountered during the work process and I feel a great professional fulfillment.

The company changed my life from the material and professional point of view: I started as a simple worker and thanks to the involvement and effort I put in, I managed to arrive where I am now and to have the material achievements that I deserve.


What was the biggest challenge that you had during your activity and how did you manage to overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges was when I worked in Saudi Arabia when, in a year and a half, together with my colleagues, we had executed 3 tanks in very difficult working conditions (at 6 o’clock in the morning there were 36 degrees).
In Romania, one of the biggest challenges was an order that involved a series of unique tanks (one tank was 105 m long and 7 meters in diameter). Six of them were built in less than one year. The difficulty consisted in the fact that nothing like this had been built before in Romania, they were produced with a very large size, executed in a very short time.
Another big challenge was in 2013, in China for the Ningbo project. I left Romania with 2 colleagues on November 10, we were supposed to complete the project on April 1 and we managed to finish our job on January 20.
I have managed to achieve all these projects together with the whole team, without my team I would have not been able to accomplish anything.