People represent the most important value to our company and we are proud to collaborate with an extraordinary team. It is our great opportunity to present our people and to share their experience in Walter Tosto. Today, we are happy to introduce you Alexandru Chesaru, who has been working as Quality Manager in Waler Tosto WTB for 6 years.

Alex, what does quality mean for you and to have the role of head of the quality department in Walter Tosto company at only 30 years old?

The role of Quality Manager means, first of all, responsibility towards the company, colleagues, products and services. I can’t say that it was easy for me, but I am in a company where you can develop, grow and learn.

Quality represents and embraces all the activities and processes carried out in the company, with the objective of guaranteeing high quality standards at all the levels of the organization, providing products and services at the highest level with the aim of guaranteeing full customer satisfaction.

How many times did you sweat until you have completed a project?

Each project requires effort, involvement, dedication and a lot of attention, but in the end, you get the satisfaction when all the pieces of the “puzzle” are complete and you see the appreciation in the eyes of the customers, forgetting every drop of sweat.

How do you manage every project that you have?

With a good organization and planning of the activities, but first of all, with the help of a team of wonderful colleagues.